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Day 29

Debugging and Dev Tools

Dev tools are built to help developers debug and optimize their apps. Flutter provides a wide range of tools that you can use to debug your app. It’s crucial as a developer to understand how to use these tools to test, debug and fix issues in your app.

Project - Debug Quotes App

Run the quotes app in debug mode and use explore various options provided in the dev tools

  • You can add breakpoints in your code and run the app in debug mode
  • You can use the dev tools to inspect the widget tree and view the properties of each widget
  • You can use the dev tools to view the logs and errors in your app

By the end of this day, you will learn how to use dev tools to debug your app and fix issues.


  • Use dev tools to debug your app and fix issues
  • Use breakpoints to pause the execution of your app at a specific line of code
  • Use the widget inspector to view the widget tree and properties of each widget
  • Use the logging view to view the logs and errors in your app
  • Use the performance view to view the performance of your app


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