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Flutter Appwrite starter

Building your next project with Flutter and Appwrite? Then this is the template for you to get started.

Flutter Appwrite starter

Go directly to repository:


Below features are already configured in this template:
  • Authentication (with Email/password)
  • State management with riverpod
  • Dependency injection using get_it
  • Localization ready
  • Google fonts
  • Image picker and cropper
  • User profile with profile image using Appwrite storage
  • Navigation with go router and riverpod
  • Handling of authenticated and public routes
  • Feature first folder organization
  • One time only intro page using Appwrite user preferences

Using the template

If you are using Appwrite cloud or Appwrite version 1.4.x then you should use the main branch of this template.

If you are looking to use Appwrite 1.5.x, please check the appwrite-1.5.x branch.

  1. Clone this repository locally or Fork using this link or using the use this template button in the GitHub.
  2. Delete .git folder to clear git history (or you can keep it if you want)
  3. Using rename package change the bundle ID and app name to whatever you want your dart run rename --bundleId and dart run rename --appname "New App Name". Check rename package for more details on how to use it.
  4. in lib/res/constants.dart update endpoint and project id with your own endpoint and project id details;

If you have any queries or issues, feel free to raise issue in the repository.