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Flutter apprenticeship

Flutter course for everybody

  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Price: NPR. 28,888 (Nepal only)

What will you learn?

  • Flutter Mastery: This course is your gateway to becoming a Flutter expert. You'll dive deep into Flutter, covering all the essential topics needed to craft production-quality applications. Explore the syllabus here.
  • Hands-On Project: Beyond just Flutter, building mobile apps demands integration with various tools, data structures, and more. This program guides you in creating a comprehensive project from scratch, equipping you with practical skills.
  • Git Collaboration: Learn the ropes of seamless collaboration using Git within a team setting. Discover industry-standard Git workflows that foster effective teamwork.
  • Build Your Portfolio: Alongside the main project, you'll embark on smaller projects to showcase your skills. These will be published on your GitHub, helping you construct a robust portfolio.
  • Best Practices: Gain insights into Flutter's best practices, including file and folder organization, state management, and more. These practices will empower you to write code that's easy to understand, scalable, and maintainable.
  • Pair Programming & Code Reviews: Real-world teamwork often involves code reviews and pair programming. This program emphasizes these critical aspects, ensuring you're well-prepared for the collaborative nature of professional development.

Who should join?

This mentorship program is ideal for individuals who are interested in becoming proficient Flutter developers and are willing to learn through practical project-based experience. The program is suitable for:

  1. Beginners in Programming: If you have a basic understanding of programming concepts and are eager to dive into Flutter development, this program provides a structured learning path and mentorship to help you succeed.
  2. Self-learners: If you prefer hands-on learning and enjoy working on real-world projects, this program offers an opportunity to enhance your skills while receiving guidance and feedback from an experienced mentor.
  3. Aspiring mobile app developers: If you have a passion for mobile app development and specifically want to specialize in Flutter, this program provides a focused learning experience tailored to Flutter development.
  4. Those seeking practical experience: If you believe in learning by doing and want to gain practical experience in developing Flutter applications, this program offers real-world projects to sharpen your skills.
  5. Individuals who value mentorship: If you appreciate having a mentor to guide you, provide support, and offer insights into industry standards and best practices, this program ensures you receive personalized guidance throughout your learning journey.
  6. Collaborative learners: If you enjoy collaborating with peers and benefit from reviewing and sharing solutions, this program encourages a collaborative learning environment where you can learn from others and contribute your expertise.

It's important to note that while this program assumes basic knowledge of programming concepts and related technologies, it welcomes individuals with varying levels of experience. The mentorship aspect ensures that learners receive support tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to progress and succeed as Flutter developers.

How it works
  • It's a mentorship program designed to help you become a skilled Flutter developer, following a practical approach.
  • You will learn by working on real-world projects, receiving guidance and feedback from an experienced mentor.
  • If you encounter difficulties or get stuck, you'll be supported by an experienced mentor.
  • You'll have the opportunity to review solutions from your peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Your solutions will be reviewed by an experienced mentor offering suggestions and recommendations for improvement.
  • In addition to project-specific feedback, you'll be provided with valuable tips, tricks, and industry standards.
  • On-the-job training by building a complete app from scratch, as well as working on multiple applications with a team.


  • Basic familiarity with the command line interface.
  • Understanding of fundamental programming concepts.
  • Basic knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles.
  • Familiarity with basic data structures and algorithms.
  • Basic knowledge of using Git and GitHub for version control.

Note: It's essential to have a good foundation in these areas before enrolling in the mentorship program to take the most benefit out of the program. If you need to brush up on any of these topics, there are various resources available online to help you gain proficiency.

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