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What’s Next?

Flutter is an awesome technology, so there’s always more to learn and explore. Remember to keep practicing, building and sharing. I also recommend writing blog posts, technical articles and/or making videos to showcase your skill as well as help other developers learn.


Animation can make application visually pleasing as well as enhance the user experiance. Learn to add animations to your application.

  • Once you know the basics learn about advance topics such as animation curves
  • experiment with creating more complex animations



Accessibility is a crucial aspect of Flutter app development as it ensures that apps can be used by people with disabilities or impairments. By designing and building accessible apps, developers can create a more inclusive user experience, comply with legal requirements, and reach a wider market of users with disabilities.

Accessible apps are also easier to use and navigate, not only for those with disabilities but for all users. Incorporating accessibility features such as larger fonts or voice recognition can improve the app’s usability and efficiency. Overall, incorporating accessibility into Flutter app development is essential for creating apps that can be used and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their abilities.

  • Understand the key accessibility concepts, such as assistive technologies, screen readers, high contrast mode, and font scaling.

  • Explore Flutter’s built-in accessibility features and how to use them to make your app accessible, including adding semantic labels, focusing and highlighting widgets, and using the platform accessibility APIs.



Internationalization is the process of making your app available in multiple languages for users around the world. Localization is the process of adapting the app to a specific language or region. In Flutter, internationalization is achieved using the Intl package.

  • Explore how to make your app available in multiple languages. You can use the Intl package to format dates, times, and numbers in a user’s local format. You can also translate text strings into different languages using the Flutter intl_translation tool.

  • Implement support for multiple languages in your Flutter app. You can create separate JSON files for each language, and load the appropriate file based on the user’s preferred language. You can also use the flutter_localizations package to provide translations for built-in widgets and strings.



  • Learn about different monetization strategies for mobile apps, such as in-app purchases, advertisements, and subscriptions.
  • Explore how to integrate ads into your Flutter app using plugins like Google Mobile Ads.
  • Implement a monetization strategy of your choice into your Flutter app.



Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) are important concepts in software development that can help streamline the app development process and improve app quality. CI/CD involves automating the build, testing, and deployment of an app, which can reduce errors and save time.

There are a number of CI/CD tools available for Flutter, including Codemagic, GitHub Actions, and Travis. Each of these tools has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you may need to experiment with different tools to find the best fit for your needs.


And More

There are more topics you should keep learning and building as you need for the application that you are building


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