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I Do These 5 Things Every Morning and You Should Too

Published: Tue Jan 17 2023

How we spend our morning signifies how we will spend the rest of the day. That is why, lately I’m focused to make my morning as fruitful as possible. And for that I wanted to spent the first hour of morning for personal improvements. In this article I will talk about how my latest morning routine looks like and why I have adopted those specific habits.

Wake Up Early

It’s the most important step. To make the day fresh, our ancient sages used to wake up between 3-4 AM in the morning, a time referred to as Bramha Muhurta in ancient texts. To do this, you need to plan your evening and sleep early; no late night TVs or social media. When you go to bed, tell yourself that you will wake up at 4 AM full of energy and enthusiasm. You can also make a routine of tasks to do when you wake up at 4 AM, giving yourself a purpose to wake up.

The first thing to do after waking up is to clear your bowl. If you eat the right food, your bowl movement will automatically adjust in the morning in a few days after you start waking up early. Finally, take a bath; use warm water if it’s cold, otherwise cold water is best for morning showers.


I do at least 10 mins yoga every morning, it involves the Surya Namaskara and other few asanas that relieve back pain as I mostly work on my chair the whole day. You can choose the asanas that are most suitable for you based on your requirement. I am no expert on these so you will have to research on those, however I recommend the asanas involved with Surya Namaskara for everyone and then few additional asanas.

Mantras and Meditation

I spend at least 10 mins every morning enchanting ancient mantras and then at least 5 minutes on silent meditations. The mantras I enchant are various ancient verses from vedas and Hindu scriptures. If you are not comfortable with these, you can use this time to meditate, positive affirmations and visualization. But I’m telling you mantras have tons of benefits on our body and soul and I recommend enchanting those.

Write a Journal

Our ancient sages used to meditate, chant and write in the morning. So the next thing I do every morning is write something in my journal. I write ideas, feelings, anger, rage, plans everything out. This is the best time to let out your fears, anger, feelings as well as working on your plans. Just write whatever comes to your mind so that your mind is free to think more. Writing relives stress a lot and it helps make your thoughts more clear.

Plan my Day

I spend 10 more minutes every morning, to plan my day. I try to include a deep work session as well as deliberate practice time for myself. Planning my day makes sure that I don’t slip into social media and entertainment every now and then. It helps me control my compulsive habits and force me to spend time on more meaningful things. However when planning I make sure to keep room for emergency and unavoidable interruptions that happen every day. Within few weeks after starting this habit, I was able to plan my day more robust, even then I always leave room for interruptions. I also keep optional tasks that I can take if I am able to find some free time. Without this plan I used to spend many hours of my day wandering in internet, skimming social media and watching YouTube and Netflix.


Investing time on self improvement is the best thing we can do the live a fruitful and purposeful life. No time spent to improve ourself ever goes to waste. If you think you don’t have enough time, track the time you spend watching useless videos, skimming social media or wandering in internet. Just don’t use social media and internet without purpose then you will know how much time you have. Wake up early and make yourself do these habits, you will drastically change your life within few days.

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