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  • As a programmer and content creator I use various gears to complete my day to day tasks. Though advance gears are not the most important things, they most certainly help. In this article I will share the gears I use everyday.

  • I am a full-stack developer currently working as a Software Engineer at Appwrite. In addition to office work, I have many different side projects. I build web applications and mobile applications, and I am an enthusiast who tests and tries many different technology stacks. During my 19-year journey in programming, I have worked with many different technologies. In this article, I will discuss my recent tech stack and development tools for both work and personal projects.

  • How we spend our morning signifies how we will spend the rest of the day. That is why, lately I’m focused to make my morning as fruitful as possible. And for that I wanted to spent the first hour of morning for personal improvements. In this article I will talk about how my latest morning routine looks like and why I have adopted those specific habits.