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Dependency injection

Manage dependencies properly with GetIt

Managing dependency properly helps us keep our code clean and make it easier to maintain and make changes.

What is dependency injection?

Dependency injection is a technique in which an object can receive other objects that it depends on.

What is GetIt?

GetIt is a simple service locator for Dart and Flutter projects.

  • It allows to register dependencies and later retrieve them across the app.
  • It also allows to register factories, singletons, lazy singletons, and static dependencies.

Installing GetIt

To install GetIt, we need to add the following dependency to our pubspec.yaml file:

  get_it: ^7.6.6

We can also do the same from the terminal.

flutter pub add get_it

Finally, run the following command to install the dependency:

flutter pub get

Registering dependencies

To register dependencies

  • Create a new file called dependencies.dart in the lib folder.
import 'package:get_it/get_it.dart';
import 'appwrite/appwrite.dart';

void initDependencies() {
    GetIt getIt = GetIt.instance;
    getIt.registerLazySingleton(() => Appwrite());

We need to call the initDependencies function from the main.dart file.

import 'package:flappwrite_tracker/dependencies.dart';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

void main() {

Once we have registered the dependencies, we can use them anywhere in our app. We will do that in the up coming lessons.

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