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Flutter and Appwrite integration

Integrate Flutter and Appwrite to create a full-stack application

In this lesson, we will learn to integrate Appwrite with Flutter.

Creating a Flutter platform in Appwrite

To create a Flutter platform in Appwrite

  • open the Appwrite dashboard and open your project.
  • On the project overview page, in the Add a platform section click on the Flutter button.
  • On the widzard that appears, select the appropriate platform, we are selecting macos.
  • Provide a easy to understand name for you platform and the Bundle Identifier of your Flutter app
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Wizard will show the information on how to add the Appwrite SDK to your Flutter app.
  • We will do that in the next section, so for now we can skip it.
  • Click on the Skip optional steps button.

You can follow the similar steps to add other platforms to your Appwrite project.

Note: You can find your bundle identifier in the macos/Runner.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj file for macOS, ios/Runner.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj file for iOS, and package name in the android/app/build.gradle file for Android.

Adding Appwrite SDK to Flutter app

To add Appwrite SDK to our Flutter app, we need to add the following dependency to our pubspec.yaml file:

  appwrite: ^11.0.1

We can also do the same from the terminal.

flutter pub add appwrite

Finally, run the following command to install the dependency:

flutter pub get

Initializing Appwrite SDK

To initialize Appwrite SDK

  • Create a new file called appwrite.dart in the lib/appwrite folder.
import 'package:appwrite/appwrite.dart';

class Appwrite {
  Client client = Client();

  Appwrite() {

In the above code

  • We are creating a new Appwrite class
  • Initializing the Appwrite SDK in the constructor.
  • We set the endpoint and project ID in the client object.
  • You can find the endpoint and project ID in the Appwrite dashboard.

You are currently learning Flutter & Appwrite. An ultimate course to build cross-platform applications using Flutter - the cross-platform application development framework by Google and Appwrite - the open source backend as a service.